Space Rates

What are the costs?


1 month occupancy of top post box, static advert – £119

Please email:


Please email adverts for the printed edition complete, without print marks, and at highest resolution to: (please confirm which size you require).
  • A4   210 x 297mm   08.3 x 11.7in   £220
  • A5   148 x 210mm   05.8 x 08.3in   £125
  • A6   105 x 148mm   04.1 x 05.8in   £73
  • A7   074 x 105mm   02.9 x 04.1in   £46
  • A8   052 x 074mm   02.0 x 02.9in   £21


We can help to share your editorial digitally for free.  If you would like it to printed in the paper edition please email: to discuss space rates.

A self-publishing community

The Community writes The Mead; it contains a range of stories, news, listings and notices contributed by Southmead Residents, Volunteers and Workers.

If you run a group or volunteer/work for an organisation please encourage your contacts to contribute items. Each item requires a photo (unedited and at best resolution).

We currently print 2000 copies and distribute to main centres including GP surgeries, community centres, shops, cafes, churches, sheltered housing, and Fonthill and Badock’s Wood schools (where copies go in to every pupil’s book-bag).  We occasionally print a ‘special’ and deliver 5000 door to door.  Copies currently go to letter-boxes in several entire streets in Southmead where residents have volunteered to deliver.

We will print more editions as this demand increases. Please check the home page for printing deadlines.


Our Fourteen grant helped us work towards sustainability in 2017-2018; please help us to continue this work with a donation. Thank you.

Over the next two years the Southmead Development Trust is supporting The Mead to resume after the pandemic.


Last updated June 2022.