You chose to take some time from me and left me eons to reflect

On the segregation from my family which left me so upset.

I miss my grandchildren badly now as the days roll into weeks and

Start thinking of what’s going to be and my lack of wages for next week.

Is it my lack of purpose now, that makes my anger raise up to the top

Or am I just scared and feeling small and just want it to stop

Or is it that I have no job of work that used to make me proud and tall

My reason for my being was no reason to be at all.

Just something my mate ole Elmer said, that made me think about today

About the thousands that died globally and how he thinks someone should pay.

Shall we blame the Chinese nation first, or just the people at the top

Or do we look further down that list, where do you want the buck to stop

Shall we blame world government, remember we scoff food also from this table

Or blame the members of our parliament who debauched, slept and lied instead of being able.

They should have prepared and planned for this day, the warnings were made so very clear,

Or were they busy with their expenses sheets, oh dear oh dear oh dear.

So while we moan into our beers and barbecue in our gardens,

Just remember all those thousands upon thousands died

And some so very young, nothing will help them now they’re gone

Or their families with their sadness and their grief

So may their gods go with them all, now show their hearts some peace.

Just remember Covid-19 comes without no warning  young and old

So when you’re in your gatherings being so brave and bold

You can be a carrier of  thing now you know, taking it to your sister, mother or your wife

Taking it home to all your families, to toddlers, now won’t that be nice.

Shrouded silent and in the darkness it’s a coming like a thief

So keep your distance as you pass on by and don’t forget to weep.

And stop these gatherings you bloody clowns or can’t you see the signs,

As Covid-19’s feasting now and its hunger has not yet been defined.