Art at Heart: Carers & Parents in Southmead We Need Your Help

Hi everyone.  We are a group called Art at Heart, working with Bristol City Council’s Stepping Up programme.  We are exploring what arts and cultural provision there is for Early Years children (ages 0 – 4) in your community and in Barton Hill.  We are keen for families in these two areas to fill in our short questionnaire to help build our research and understanding.  The responses will help us make recommendations to the Council, community organisations and arts venues.

We hope our research will help families to find more to do in their areas that meets their needs, as well as arts providers to improve how they run and promote their activities.

Please complete the short questionnaire below by 27th January if you have, or look after, children who are currently under 5.  If your children are older but you can remember any arts and culture activities you did with them, please do still fill in the questionnaire.  

To fill in quick questionnaire click HERE

Thanks for your time!