Become a Tai Chi Instructor – Free training for over 50s

Friends Ageing Better is once again offering FREE training to over 50s to learn a basic sequence of Qigong Shibashi Tai Chi to then teach to others in the community.

Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi is designed to help improve mental health and physical wellbeing. Qigong means ‘energy exercise’ and Shibashi means 18 movements. This exercise can be done sitting or standing, which makes it very accessible, and its benefits have been well researched.

This form of Tai Chi is found to improve health and wellbeing and is a discipline that involves the mind, breath and movement to create a calm, natural balance of energy. It can improve balance and cognitive function as well as aid with pain management. Tai Chi is recommended by the NHS as helping to improve balance and coordination.

The training involves attending a taster session, and weekly home practice before attending a weekend workshop. The training is likely to start in May 2020 at a central Bristol venue to be confirmed.

Mary Kroeber, Instructor, trained in 2019 with FAB says, “‘I love teaching Tai Chi, it makes me feel good and I know people are enjoying themselves because they keep coming back”.  Mary currently leads a free weekly class for over 50s at the Ardagh, on Kellaway Ave, every Tuesday from 10am.

Friends Ageing Better is a project by Age UK Bristol providing opportunities for over 50s to get together, meet other people, and enjoy discounts and special events from local shops and venues in the city. To become a FAB member please visit or call 0117 440 4301.

To find out more about how to become a Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi instructor, please contact Friends Ageing Better on email or by calling 0117 440 4301.