Bristol Uni Wants Our Help: What Do We Think About Southmead’s Green Spaces?

My name is Dora Young. I am a Master’s student investigating how Southmead residents perceive informal, public green spaces, and if they would like them to be managed for the benefit of wildlife

Informal, public green spaces are areas of any size that contain nature and aren’t privately owned or formally designated for recreation and leisure, farming, gardening, or wildlife conservation. They may be roadside verges, roundabouts, tree rings or other small, vegetated plots that do not have a clear function in the urban landscape.

The following mapping questionnaire requires that you draw shapes on a map of Southmead to demonstrate your own knowledge of the spatial extent of such green spaces. Associated questions will enable you to present your perceptions of them and desires for their management.

You will be asked a couple of short questions about yourself at the end, which will aid comparisons between responses. It should take under 20 minutes to complete.

We will not ask for your name – as your responses will be anonymised. We will ask for your age (within a broad range) as this provides us with important information of how views might be different across generations. This section is not compulsory.

Final, anonymised data will be accessible only by the researcher and staff the University of Bristol. It may be made available to a local planning authority for use as evidence in potential action for ecological management at the end of the research project. This will only occur if all participants agree and are consenting.

You are able to opt out and withdraw consent at any time. Should you choose to opt out, any data you have contributed will be deleted immediately and not used in further analysis.

You can find full details on the project here. Should you have any questions about the survey or the project, please email Dora Young at and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Follow the link to access the map. Be sure to read the information and consent pages first! Participants must be over 18, and live in Southmead.  Thank you for your help.

Access the map here.