BS10 Parks and Planning Group – January 2019 Minutes




1.      Attending:             Mike Murch, Pat and Ray Thomas, Julia Gilvear, Janet Smith, Rosie

                        Gornall, Bev Murray, Anthea Mustard, Deana Perry, Brian Newland

                            Sam Masson, Helen Windsor, Dave Fogg, Alex Aulds, Katie

                            Sandercock, Wayne Lennon, Paul |Lennon, Mark Weston, Alan

                            Aburrow, Ian Smith, Rachel Groves, Andrew Palmer, Alan Piper,

                            John Butler, Tim Parkinson and Rose Carr.

2.      Apologies:            Were received from Helen Godwin, Chris Windows, Alex Kittow,

                        Lindy Morgan, Tony Whitelaw and Brenda Massey.


3.                                 Minutes of the November 2018 meeting were approved and signed by

                            Alan Piper.



4.      North Bristol Relief Sewer: Wessex Water are planning a new £55M North Bristol Relief     Sewer, which will run from Lawrence Weston through Henbury to connect with the existing network under the Bristol Golf Club at the top of Cribbs Causeway.  This new sewer network is in anticipation of the additional demand which will be created by the development on and around the former Filton Airfield.

        Wessex Water will be installing a 2.85metre sewer within in a deep tunnel using a tunnelling

        Machine, this will minimise the disruption to the local community.   Work is planned to start in

        the autumn of this year and will take 2.5 years to complete, although they plan to complete the

        tunnelling by the end of 2020.  Further details can be found on the Wessex Water web site.


5.      Henbury and Brentry Community update:  Mark reported that the CPNN joint traffic

report due in November last is still awaited with no definite date as yet.                                                                         

   The joint Transport report consultation report did highlight possible bus lane provision on

   the A4018 as well as possible a park and ride site, either close to the Rugby club or near the

   site of the new rail station.  A decision on the Arena is expected in March.  The delay with   

   the MUGA was due to Sport England funding which has now been resolved.  The City

   Council will be launching a public consultation on a “One City” plan setting out its vision

   until 2050.  There is no further information on the Blaise Castle car parking plan. The new       

   houses at Monsdale are now completed and ready for occupation, with those in Richeson

   Close nearly completed.  Concern was expressed that the former Pound shop was being

   used as warehousing illegally.  The decision regarding the footpath off Crow Lane is

    this month.  A build up of rubbish was reported behind the shops in Crow Lane.  Concer was

    expressed that Charlton Road was advertised as an entrance to the upcoming Massive Attack

    concert on the former Filton Airfield.


6.      Team Southmead update:  Deana said that there was no December meeting, but volunteers

    had staffed the Pantomime held at the Greenway Centre just before Christmas, which

    attracted over 500 people over the two performances.  The pantomime has been booked for

    December this year.  An Inclusion Southmead meeting is to be held at Southmead Library

    22nd Jan 11.15am.  Disabled access to McColls in Arneside is still causing problems which

    Local Councillors are persuing. The next Team Southmead meeting is the 29th January at

    Southmead Library from 11am.  Rehearsals for Meadows to Meaders part two starts from

    Tuesday 22nd January at the Greenway Centre.


7.      Dunmail Update:  Deferred until the next meeting.


8.      Finance:  Dave reported that due to family illness problems he has resigned.  Alan asked if

anyone was interested in taking over the role of Treasurer, Helen Windsor asked for more

information before deciding


9.      Arnside Regen:  In December 2018 we selected the contractor (E.G Carter) and the Architect   (Nash who carried out the master planning stage) will continue to work with us, and we will be entering into contracts with both subject to the approval of funding and/or underwriting.

        We have received some feedback on our funding bids with Homes England and Power to Change

        and expect to get positive news in January


        The priorities for the project for the next few months (January – March) are:

·        Agreeing overarching design principles within which to develop the design in collaboration with residents, the architects, contractor and Bristol City Council.

·        Agreeing the land value for Glencoyne Square and the social impact value of the project. ‘Social Impact Value’ is about the wider changes and benefits for the community (social, environmental or wellbeing) which will happen as a result of the project. The social impact value will be calculated and then discounted off the land value.

·        Acquiring the land from Bristol City Council. It is proposed that a land contract will be agreed and ready to enter into, subject to SDT Trustee approval, by the end of March 2019.

·        SDT entering into a Development Agreement with United Communities.

·        As we progress the design and content a bid will be prepared for capital funding bid to Homes England and Bristol City Council for submission April 2019.

·        At this stage we are still working to submit a planning application at the end of June

·        BCC are responsible for the Arnside road improvements and we expect an update at the end of this week.

Key issues:

·        Agreeing the value of the land with BCC

·        Agreeing the uses and funding of the non-residential space, including the health centre and library, which BCC are currently working out. In the meantime, to counteract any potential delays, the design of the ground floor space will be flexible so it can be residential if the other uses do not materialise.



10.  Planning Applications:  Mike reported on an application from Bristol City Planning ref. no.

    18/06195/F Barnstaple Almshouses conversion of existing day centre to provide an

    additional 3 flats, communal lounge and hobby room.


South Glouc Council 1. PT18/6360/F demolition of existing buildings and erection

of 30 dwellings 8 of which would be affordable on land at Norton Farm Berwick Drive.


2. ref. no. PT18/5892/RM erection of 278 dwellings with landscaping,  Car parking and

associated works in conjunction with ref. no. PT14/3867/O


11.  Any other business:  Mike reported a communication from Darren Jones MP`s office

    regarding the recent “walkabout” at Twenty Acres Drive, he had written to the Mayor as was

    awaiting a response. Janet raised the question of no.76 buses causing problems at the

    Henbury terminus, Mark had been in touch with First Bus about the problem.


There being no further business Alan thanked all for attending

And closed the meeting at 7.45pm.