Dementia – How Can it Affect Me?

By Dr Gillian Hay.

When you start to forget what you had for breakfast or whether you even had breakfast.

When you can’t find the right word for an object that you recognise.

When you can’t remember what you were going to do today or what you did last week.

When you can’t remember what day or month it is or where you are or who you are talking to.

When you start to feel frustrated, worried or miserable about forgetting things.

When you start to ask the same questions again and people get impatient with you.

The start of dementia can be very subtle and often it is your family or friends that notice these changes. It progresses to affecting your ability to do your normal daily activities like washing, shopping, managing your money, getting out and about and taking your medication properly.

If you have wondered about whether you have Dementia, please make an appointment to discuss it with your GP. We can help to confirm it or rule out other causes for your concerns which may be treatable. Then we can direct you to services that can help you to live well with Dementia and help your families understand and support you.

Resources you might like to look at:

Alzheimer’s Society 0300 222 11 22

Bristol Dementia Action Alliance BDAA 0117 968 1002