Discovering Good Mental Health

Course Description:

Much of the conversation about mental health focuses on mental ill health, but there’s more to mental wellbeing than simply being without mental illness.  Within this course we will be seeking to discover what it means to be in good mental health, and what we can do to foster our own mental wellbeing.  We will reflect on the areas in our lives which help and hinder our wellness and identify ways in which we can flourish, feel good and work towards a balanced life.

Session Date, Time & Venue:

Discovering Good Mental Health is a three session course happening Mondays from 18th March until Mon 1st April

Greenway Centre, Doncaster Road, Southmead, BS10 5PY.

2pm – 4:30pm

Please be aware that to minimise disruption, you will not be able to join a session any later than 15 minutes after the official start time.

Session Cost:

This session is free for people accessing any service within Bristol Mental Health ( or are carers of anyone using these services.

Contact Details:

Pre-booking is required as we can not accept ‘walk-ins’ due to pre-arranged group numbers.

To book a place please visit: