Fancy a Chat, Cuppa and a Stroll?

We enjoy getting together to take a gentle stroll in our local parks and having a cuppa after. We’ve been doing this for a few years now and have discovered there are plenty of parks, paths and gardens to keep us interested so we don’t notice our legs moving!  This way we keep active and build up a routine with plenty of social chat to look forward to each week. 

The main group meets at the Greenway Centre on Wednesday mornings at 10am. You may have seen us setting off through the car park or down Doncaster Road heading to Badock’s Wood. This group has been going for over four years now and plenty of walkers have become volunteers, helping to lead, or to keep an eye out at the back.  Some of us take a short cut and return early, while others continue for the hour. 

Everyone meets back at the Greenway Centre’s cafe for coffee and a chat, and once a month we have lunch together.  We’ve been given some funding from the John James Foundation to pay for these socials.

We really enjoy new walkers joining us so please don’t be put off by the size of the group, everyone will welcome you and you can join in as much or as little as you like. There’s no pressure to come every week, it’s just most people like it so they come regularly.  This way we make friends, and can catch up with each other.

There are smaller groups that meet in local parks – at The Ardagh on Horfield Common, Canford Park in Westbury, at Southmead Hospital allotment, and at Blaise Museum.  All the groups follow a similar format and many walkers attend several groups

Why do we do this? We know it feels good to be active, but not under pressure.  And to be outside in the fresh air and daylight, and yes, sometimes the rain!  So long as we are dressed for the weather we are fine, and we even bought some large brollies which some of the volunteers carry to share.  We can talk about any concerns.  We can listen to each other and share ideas and tips.  We like to see the changing seasons in the trees and nature as the leaves come and go.  We like to look at the flowers, the colours, the clouds, and meet other walkers and dogs as they go by.  And all this means for a little while we forget our worries and just have a break from the business and pressures of life.

The group members come from different backgrounds, but we all share a commitment to looking after ourselves as best we can.  To take time to make sure we are getting some physical activity, connecting with others and nature, sharing and listening, and, very importantly, having a laugh.

Some members have very serious health issues but this does not stop them being out, joining in, and feeling part of something.  It’s not a cure, but it’s a morale booster when life is a bit tough.  Fancy joining us?  Not sure?  Fair enough.  Why not come along for a coffee (on us), have a chat, and then decide.

Do get in touch with us via Caitlin, email: or tel: 0117 950 3335

A group of people sit around a table enjoying cups of tea