Food in Southmead and Beyond: Thursday 24th June

Feeding Bristol and Bristol City Council are hosting a series of community conversations around food in the city. In this conversation we want to hear from Southmead residents about your thoughts on food and what needs to improve in Bristol – the big things and the small. 

We want to make Bristol a place where everyone is able to easily get the food they need, when they need it. Sadly, this is not currently the case – a problem made worse by the Covid-19 pandemic. To address this, Bristol City Council and Feeding Bristol are working with a number of different organisations across the city to put together a plan to make Bristol a fairer food city. If we are going to make positive city-wide change, we need to hear from Bristol residents about what they want, and what they need for their communities and in their neighbourhoods. We want to ensure that your voices are heard and are part of this change.

This event will take place on June 24th (10am-12pm) at the Greenway Centre. Please sign up here>

*All participants will be compensated for their time (£20), and refreshments (tea, coffee, snacks) will be available. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, places are limited to 10 people. The group conversations will be recorded, but the recordings will only be used for the development of the Food Equality Strategy and Action Plan and will not be made public.

If you have any questions about the Food Equality Strategy & Action Plan, please get in touch with Feeding Bristol (