Grand Wendy!


Wendy who lives at The Woodnook in Southmead has been fundraising for the past 18 months for a charity very close to her heart. In April 2015 Wendy was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leaukaemia and what followed was a gruelling schedule of treatment. Many of you probably know Wendy or have read about her battle in a previous article printed in The Mead.

In August of this year, Wendy was rushed into the oncology centre after suddenly feeling poorly with chest pains. She was critically ill with pneumonia and the following 48 hours was crucial. Many of you may think it strange that pneumonia can actually kill, but in Wendy’s case she has no immune system due to the extensive treatment she has received over the past two and a half years, and still receives to this day. Wendy remained in hospital for just over a week, confined in an isolation room where she made a slow recovery. The doctors and nursing staff were worried that she wasn’t strong enough to pull through and were amazed at her strength and positivity. She isn’t free from cancer, it is managed by treatment and medication. Yet, Wendy always wears a smile, never moans and has an infectious laugh! She has the ability to find the positive in a negative situation and a great example of this is her fund raising efforts while battling this awful disease.

Wendy has now raised her target of £1000 for the ‘Above and Beyond’ charity at the Bristol Oncolgy Centre. She is one very special lady with a heart of gold, well done Wendy.

Dear Woodnookers. We’re so glad to hear you love The Mead, thank you for your support.  – The Mead