Help us Find our Next Youth Engagement Manager (Youth and Play Manager)

We’re looking for the next special person to step into the most important job in our community: Youth and Play Manager at the Southmead Adventure Playground (The Ranch).  This role anchors all activities and services for children and young people across our community, is the lynchpin for families in Southmead, and runs The Ranch as a centre for safe and inclusive activities and as a leading space for inclusivity and diversity.

We now need your help in the search for the right person for the job. We’re looking to hire as soon as possible as the role is currently vacant; after two years of solid dedication our last talented Manager has left to follow a fantastic job offer in the music scene.

Progress at the Ranch has been steadily being made over the last two years, and since the site benefited from a makeover by BBC DIY SOS. We’ve got to the point, after a lot of hard work, where we can now open for some weekend sessions.  But there’s a huge amount still to do as The Ranch’s long story continues (did you know it’s one of the oldest adventure playgrounds in the country?).

It’s an exciting time and we’re delighted to have recently received some funding to make further improvements to the Ranch site.  With a creative free reign, our new Manager will be able to grow our existing offers as the site continues to improve, and also bring their expertise to help shape a new young people’s hub we’re developing at the Greenway Centre. 

Most importantly our new leader must have that special skill of being able to engage and connect with young people. Our evening youth sessions are an important focus of the role and the vital point where we work with the ideas and needs of our young people.

So please give us a hand and share this call out as far as you can to help to attract the best person for this significant community role.

You can share the link below, or click to go to all the job info and how to apply, and with details of who to call with any questions.

WE’RE HIRING: Youth Engagement Manager (Youth & Play Manager)