‘I can still smell the hot-dogs and taste the toffee apples!’ – Marion’s Memory Lane

One Sunday I was in my garden and saw a line of traffic, big lorries, van towing caravans, and a line of cars. I wondered where they were going. Then they opened the field gate just past the block of eight houses where we lived. They parked in a semi-circle in the field but not behind our houses. They started to unload the big wheel, the carousel, the dodgems, kids-rides, and various side shows.

They asked a few neighbours if they could connect to our electric while they were there, and we never had any problems; they would pay for the bill when they went and always gave a bit extra. Some neighbours were a bit peeved as they missed out!

The fair was very popular, so they started to come twice a year, early and late summer. I can still smell the hot-dogs and taste the toffee apples!

Once my daughter and her friend got stuck on top of the big wheel when a strip of lights fell off. It was quickly mended but they didn’t go on it again!

All was well until some lads from another estate had a fight and one was stabbed. The lad was ok, but a petition was signed, and the fair didn’t come back. We didn’t want any trouble like that again.

Looking back, I often wondered about all that weight on Pen Park Hole!

Pictured: The funfair at Pen Park – was it called ‘Charlie Hill’s’ – please let me know?