My Hopes & Fears for Future

By Trenna Blundell

I have lived on Ullswater Road with my family for 16 years and love it.  I love the community of Southmead.  It is home.  Yes there have been times that we have thought about moving, but in all honesty, I like where we live so why move!

As I walk, daily, up to the shops with my 3 year old in tow, I think to myself – this walk is going to look so different once the building work starts.  I won’t immediately see an open green space, I won’t see all the lovely mature trees and I will see more brick of big buildings.  How do I feel about this?

I’m excited.  I’m daunted.  I’m a little afraid.  I’m filled with hope.  I’m concerned.  So many feelings tumble after each other and into each other.  Why?  Because its change.  And change can be scary.  But change is also needed and it is exciting.  I am hopeful that the new landscaped green space will provide a safe, interesting and sociable place to hang out with friends and family.  I am hopeful that the affordable smaller homes that will be built will keep Southmead folk in Southmead.  I am hopeful that jobs will be created. I am hopeful that  there will be spaces where creativity and community can grow.

I was privileged to be involved in walking the streets of Southmead all those years ago asking you, local residents, what change is needed in Southmead.  This regeneration work will bring about some of that change.