Learning About Lungs in Community Corner at Greenway

I had the privilege of joining the monthly Lung Health support group in the Greenway’s Community Corner this week. They meet on the 2nd Monday of every month and welcome anyone affected by a lung or breathing condition.  

I went to meet them because I’m visiting all the groups who meet in Community Corner, so together we can make a set of ground rules. It’s important that all the groups have a say in this so we all agree on how to use and share the space, keeping it safe and accessible for everyone. When this is finished we’ll be displaying them so everyone can see.

While I was there, I think I gained more than I gave. I learned so much. Sam who is a volunteer for the group and part of the pulmonary nursing team. They drew a picture of a lung and explained how it all worked. I learned that an ‘itis’, as in Bronchitis, means inflammation. So your bronchial tubes are inflamed if you have bronchitis. And another fact – did you know your left lung is smaller than the right one to make space for your heart? I felt like it was a really valuable space in which to have these things explained in a friendly way, especially when they can feel complicated or scary. 

Everyone was very cheerful and welcoming. There’s a plan to have a bit of a party next month to celebrate the group’s 14th birthday. Sometimes they have guest speakers and trips out. If you are affected by a lung or breathing condition then this supportive group is the place to make new friends who will understand what you are going through.

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tel: 0117 950 3335