Let it grow! Residents in Southmead care home revisit their favourite hobbies

Residents at Trymview Hall, on Southmead Road, have been revisiting their favourite hobbies, sharing their skills with the younger generation and enjoying gardening sessions, all as part of a nationwide initiative – Long Lost Hobbies.

The Long Lost Hobbies initiative encourages residents in our homes to share their favourite hobbies and try new pastimes with younger generations after a national survey found 77% of adults feel technology is the cause of traditional skills being lost, including flower arranging, knitting and woodworking.

As part of the initiative green fingered residents had trowels at the ready for an afternoon of gardening, from repotting plants to flower arranging in the home’s garden, all while sharing their best tips with members of the Tymview Hall team.

Nicole Anderson, Home Manager at Trymview Hall, said:

“We had a fantastic time repotting plants and flower arranging.  For those living with dementia revisiting a past hobby, such as gardening, can help bring back memories, as well as providing an enjoyable way to connect with others through a familiar activity that once brought joy. Positive feelings gained from revisiting fond memories can help decrease stress, reduce agitation, and provide a feeling of success and confidence.

“Our residents have loved revisiting their favourite hobbies and sharing gardening advice. It has been wonderful to hear residents talking about how they first discovered their favourite hobby and the fond memories this interest created.”

For top tips on how you and your loved ones can revisit forgotten pastimes, please visit: careuk.com/long-lost-hobbies

Trymview Hall provides full-time residential and dementia care, with 66 ensuite bedrooms, and has been designed to enable residents to live active and fulfilled lives, while also promoting independence. The care home will incorporate space for hobby and leisure activities and will include its own cinema, hairdressing salon and café.

For more information about Trymview Hall, email Nicola Wolff-Donitz, Customer Relations Manager, at nicola.wolff-donitz@careuk.com, call 0333 321 8351 or visit: careuk.com/trymview-hall


  1. Writing letters
  2. Map reading
  3. Knowing proper grammar
  4. Mental maths
  5. Remembering phone numbers
  6. Using a compass
  7. Handwriting
  8. Handwashing clothes
  9. Making a fire from scratch
  10. Stamp collecting
  11. Sewing/making clothes yourself
  12. Spelling
  13. Wiring a plug yourself
  14. Calligraphy
  15. Preserving food – such as pickling
  16. Sewing on a button yourself
  17. Making your own jam
  18. Making your own cheese
  19. Tying knots
  20. Knitting
  21. Identifying different plants, trees or insects
  22. Changing a tire yourself
  23. Making your own bread by hand
  24. Remembering addresses
  25. Using an index in a book
  26. Giving directions
  27. Remembering dates
  28. Reading music
  29. Carpentry
  30. Baking a cake by hand
  31. Pottery making
  32. Storytelling
  33. Cooking something from memory
  34. Reading
  35. Putting up a shelf yourself
  36. Critical thinking
  37. Time keeping
  38. Caring for chickens
  39. Speaking/learning another language
  40. Budgeting
  41. Creative writing
  42. Finding facts
  43. Following instructions
  44. Caring for plants
  45. Gardening
  46. Following a recipe
  47. Drawing
  48. Fishing
  49. Taking photos
  50. Editing photos yourself