It’s Self Care Week – Make Some Space For You – Monday 14th November

Self Care Week starts on Monday 14th November.  Taking time to focus on ourselves is really important, especially as the nights have drawn in and the weather gets more dreary.

How we look after ourselves and what brings us joy is personal. Everyone can do this in a variety of ways and if you’re looking for ideas here’s some tried and tested ones –

  • Put on your favourite music and have a dance around
  • Wrap yourself in a cosy blanket and drink your favourite hot drink
  • Take some time to notice nature – take a walk in your local park, watch the birds from your window or check in with your houseplants
  • Eat your favourite food
  • Talk with people who bring you joy
  • Do something crafty – paint, draw, knit, colouring (even if you’re not very good at it!)
  • Do some exercise, whatever intensity is manageable for you

This is in no way an exhaustive list. Self care is about making some space for you (and knowing that’s ok). Doing things which nourish us helps us to release tension, feel proud of ourselves, and boosts us to tackle the big world challenges which crop up for us all.

Fortunately, we’ve got loads on offer at Greenway which could be great for you from next week and into the future.

You can see our What’s On calendar to see all our groups and creative meet ups by clicking HERE.

We have 30 fitness classes of all sorts of styles. Maybe next week is the time to try a class? Check out our timetable by clicking HERE