Maths Mania at Badocks Wood E-ACT Academy

When I was first invited into Badock’s Wood E – ACT Academy to see a Maths Mania day I wasn’t really sure what I was going to. Both my children love maths so the thought of a Maths Mania day in the school was very exciting, and had been talked about a lot in the days before.

When I arrived in the hall for the assembly that would start the day, I didn’t expect to see pieces of art displayed on the screen, and I wondered how this was all going to link together. It soon became clear. Wassily Kandinsky, a Russian artist, used shapes, lines and colours to create his abstract art, I was fascinated to hear what the children felt about his paintings, and they confidently shared their thoughts and ideas with me.

Creativity and maths being linked make sense to me and after a brief introduction the children went excitedly back to their classrooms. Over the day the children explored shapes, angles, symmetry and co-ordinates and finished by creating their own Kandinsky inspired pieces.

The very youngest children had the tape measures out, measuring anything that would stay still, and as I headed up the school each class was a hive of activity producing fantastic, detailed and accurate work. Maths and art, team work and communication skills all coming together for a great days learning.  With an assembly the next week where everyone showed the work they had done and the art they had created, Maths Mania seems to me to have been a great success.

Last year Badock’s Wood had some of the best SATS Results in the area, and now with leadership from  E-ACT, one of Bristol’s strongest academy chains, the challenges of the past seem to be well behind them. The whole school will be involved in Science, Art and IT days this year, and I look forward to seeing the work the children produce. If you are looking for nursery places from age 3 or a space for an older child and want to see for yourself, contact the school on 0117 903 0050.