Meet David, Our Community Wellbeing Coach

I’m David Sully, the Wellbeing Coach at Greenway Gym and Fitness. Since May 2022 I have supported people in Southmead, Lockleaze, and Avonmouth with their physical activity and healthy eating goals.  I always emphasise that you know yourself better than anyone else and that you are the expert in your circumstances and what works for you.  So if you feel ready to make changes I can support you to create your own action plan. But if you’re not ready yet, my door is always open for future chats and decisions.  

I build on what you already know to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. I help you explore your reasons for wanting to make changes as well as your confidence to make them.  You’ll learn how to monitor and manage your physical activities and healthy eating goals, for instance, by keeping a food diary. With my help you would plan when, where and how to perform new healthy ‘behaviours’ and what support you need to achieve them.   

I recently worked with a resident who had been referred to our gym for exercise by their GP. However, when they couldn’t attend the gym for a few months they forgot how to do the exercises they’d been taught. I created an illustrated gym card as a visual prompt and we re-learned their exercises together. They told me, “Thanks David, these are great and will really help, it’s just what I was hoping for, very clear and reminds me how and what to do. Thank you for all your support, I enjoyed the session and am looking forward to the next one. You’re a good instructor, very calm, patient and you check I’m doing it right”. 

I was really proud to help this person get back on track and I would love to help you either begin to exercise or restart a programme which, for many reasons, you may have stopped doing and would like to take up again.  

You can be referred to me for Wellbeing Coaching by speaking to your GP or Social Prescribing Link Worker. If you’d like any more info please contact me, email: or telephone: 0117 950 3335