Meaders’ letters: New Brunswick Hall

Further to tomsbs10 question about the New Brunswick ‘s grounds, I would agree, it is looking a bit of a state and seems to be getting worse. I’ve lived in the area for a good few years now and count myself as local, from what I have seen over the years the, what was then a church, before the fire was always a bit of an exclusive group, now a days goodness knows what is going on there! Has it changed hands or are the premises being shared by a number of churches as it appears there are now a number of distinct groups who use the place, goodness knows what for though, as published events never seem to be on or if they are, aren’t very well attended, as for some of the other things going on, it appears to be some sort of private club!

Passing by there at about 2am on New Years Day, I was confronted by quite a large number of people, including children, apparently departing, all being overseen by what appeared to be one of the church ladies, she did not look very happy! As I was dropping a fare off from a club in town, I didn’t really expect the middle of a suburban housing estate to be as busy as town! Perhaps someone can throw some light on this too? I’m just glad I don’t live too near to the place! Shame really as it is located between a well kept health centre and tidy block of flats with some great wall art adorning an otherwise boring brick wall, in my opinion anyway.

Terry T.

Editor’s Note: Thank you for your letter.  The Mead understands that the United Reformed Church recently invited all neighbours to a public meeting to discuss issues relating to their building and adjacent land.  The local police attended the meeting.  If any new issues have arisen since this meeting please email URC directly: