‘Would you like to develop your newspaper/letter layout skills?’

Dear readers…

Thank you for all your contributions for the April and May editions. We do apologise that we could not go to print in April; this was due to me being ill. We are not yet at the stage where we have a back-up layout-volunteer to take over the reigns at very short notice.

Would you like to develop your newspaper/letter layout skills?

We set out the edition proofs on a format called PagePlus (version 9) to send to the printers. It’s quite a simple format but takes time to learn. We can supply you with the PagePlus system if you have a good computer – you would require a PC with a large screen as it’s very hard to do on a laptop due to the small screen size.

If you can volunteer your time and skills please get in touch.

~ Thank you, Suzanne (Volunteer Editor)