Send in Your Stories, Views & News, Your Pics, Prose & Memories

The Mead on paper is aimed at residents who are not regular online readers or those who like to have a good old mag in their hands.  We print 2000 copies and deliver them to sheltered accommodation areas, older people living locations, primary schools for bookbags so kids can share them with their families, and also to GP surgeries, our Library, and to many shops in Southmead.

Residents love to read items from other residents: stories about living in Southmead; accounts of community action from our strong groups; news about what clubs and classes are running where; write ups and reviews about visits to other places; profile pieces about people we know or knew; as well as poetry, tips and advice.  Sometimes just sending in a photo with a few words takes us back down memory lane and makes us smile!  We all especially love items written by children don’t we and last month many people found so much joy in Connie’s story about her ‘Isopod Club’ (aka Woodlice Club!).

Could you send something in for the next edition – however old or young you are?  Do you have a photo that could be included with your writing?  If you’d like a bit of support to get your item finished or sent to The Mead please contact our Community Development Team – call 0117 950 3335 and ask for Lucille, Rhona or Sher.

The deadline for gathering up items for the next edition is Friday 19th January.  This edition will be out in early February.  You can add your item to the website yourself so it’s ready for printing, just sign up for an account.  Or you can email finished items to: – remember to attach your writing as a separate word document file and attach your photo as a JPEG or PNG file.

We also welcome pieces and adverts from other organisations and companies who want to reach our residents; adding to the website is free, but we have rates for organisations and companies who want space in the magazine to help us with printing costs.  Just click the ‘Adverts and Space Rates’ tab for the prices and contact us.

Happy writing – we can’t wait to read you!


This item is dedicated to Julie Boston who never stopped writing and speaking out for community action.  Julie is pictured above at the Southmead Festival and was a keen supporter of The Mead.  Julie passed away at the end of last year and will be missed by many communities including ours.

Links to Julie’s obituaries: