Southmead Weighs In To The Ring

The Weigh In for Bristol’s next major Boxing Night takes place tomorrow at the Southmead Youth Centre, in the Southmead Boxing Club, @15.00. Everyone’s welcome to come and watch as the Boxers prepare for the Resurrection: England vs USA match, in the Whitchurch ring, on Saturday night. Tony ‘Oakey Kokey’ Oakey, Jeff ‘Left Hook’ Lacy, ‘The Chief Support’ Waylon Gasson, and ‘The Furry Beater’ Henry Smith, will all be checking to see if they’re on target for the big fight. Just turn up for the free event at Southmead Youth Centre tomorrow.  For more info & tickets for Saturday, contact Show Manager & Southmead Boxing Club Coach: Matt Crouch: 07866 473 099.