Talking About Our 1970s Generation!

In early December 2019, former Southmead lad Bradley Lane was looking through some old snaps and came across one from around 1978, taken at Portsmouth Docks.  It was a Fonthill School Camp Group photo taken outside of the HMS Victory.  Bradley says, “I got to thinking how much I had enjoyed the first ten years of my life when I was living in Southmead and started reliving some of my memories.  That’s when I decided to start the 1970s Southmead Group on Facebook and see what other people remembered about the area at that time. I could not believe how fast it took off and how many great stories and pictures were posted. We currently have 3,132 members! The Group has been really successful in reconnecting people who have lost touch over the years and I have had many people thanking me for helping them to revive old friendships”.

Early on, Bradley picked up that the members would like to do something to help the community and that’s when the idea of a fundraiser for the Youth Club and The Ranch came into existence. The members have been very generous to date, donating £850 and that figure is still growing.

The next thing that became apparent was that having some sort of 1970s get-together would prove to be very popular as it was being mentioned a lot by the members in their comments. Bradley got in touch with Chris Balson, one of the first members to join up and a driving force within the group, and between the two of them ‘The 1970s Southmead Facebook Bash’, as it’s been named, was born!  The night should be a lot of fun with DJ Andy Gee spinning some 60s, 70s and 80s tunes, a raffle with some really great prizes, and a small auction of former WBA super-middleweight boxing champion George Groves signed memorabilia, including gloves.  Also, if you fancy digging around in your wardrobe, 1970s fancy dress is optional!  All the proceeds from the event will be going to the Southmead Development Trust to help with the running and upkeep of the Youth Club and The Ranch.

The 1970s Southmead Facebook Group Bash will be at the Greenway Centre on Saturday 2nd May, 7.30 pm – Midnight, the tickets are £7.50 each and are on sale now at the Greenway Centre and at Nezcafé on Southmead Road.