Thank You For Help With Movie!


My new film ‘Adams Journey: Coming Out’ is a coming of age film which I have written, directed and produced. It was filmed on 28th July with parts being shot at the Greenway Centre and at local houses.

It stars Tim Watson, Mo Taverner and Daniel Templeton and the Director of Photography is Dan Edwards. One of the main music tracks to the film is Guires Mother Earth, produced by Jambala.

The film is currently having the audio edited and then it will be going to the Video Editor, Diego Velasco. The release date is looking like late September to early October. It will then be available on Youtube and Vimeo.

The Film was inspired by a Luca Guadagnino film ‘Call Me by Your Name’ and a theatre production called ‘The Eclipse’.

Adams Journey will hopefully give more people representation through film and also help people feel like they have a Voice.

I would like to send my thanks to the Greenway Centre and the cast and crew for volunteering their time and services, and thanks to Guire for giving us permission to use such an awesome song as one of the soundtracks for the film.

Pictured: Kris (on left) and the team on location in Southmead.