The litter-picking adventure continues – join us this Sunday!

Time flies when you’re cleaning litter! Last month a cheery bunch tackled the litter in and around the Trym as it sparkles and chatters through the Trym Valley Open Space.

We were blessed with sunshine, and despite a cold wind, spirits were high. Volunteers from Friends of Badocks Wood, Friends of Blaise and SusWoT made great progress in clearing large volumes of litter from the stream itself, and from much of the open space surrounding it. Our efforts were rewarded with delicious cake provided by Anthea from Team Southmead (thanks Anthea!).

As usual, all the junk we accumulated (including two televisions, a bike, a pile of old video cassettes, and the usual haul of plastic and cans) was collected the next day by Bristol Waste.

Our volunteers had SO much fun (and the space looked so much better) that some of them also helped a couple of weeks later at Southmead Adventure Playground‘s litter-pick, along with more of our regulars. The team there did a great job clearing up, and it was a good opportunity to see how things are taking shape at The Ranch and meet James Creed (who is doing heroic work there). You can see us in action over on their Facebook page.

Our current volunteers do an amazing job, and on the last Sunday of almost every month, in all sorts of weather, we have had teams tackling various stretches of the River Trym, and have removed literally tons of trash (including three motorbikes, dozens of tyres, an axle trailer, car batteries, road signs, bags of clothing, a safe, and even a kitchen sink – we have stopped being surprised at the sorts of things that end up in the river!).

We would love to find more volunteers to help us with this valuable work, specifically for the stretch of river as it runs through Southmead. Many of the items we remove pose environmental hazards to wildlife (and the plastics eventually make their way out to sea), and the water quality of the stream will be much improved if we can remove even more. Areas like the Trym Valley Open Space have the potential to be so much more inviting and useful, to people and wildlife, if we invest some time and energy in keeping them free of litter.

Bristol Waste are really helpful in this challenge. Any group that wants to can get litter-picking packs for free, and our existing volunteer groups are very happy to support anyone who wants to organise a pick.

In the mean time – we’re doing another one! Yes, some of us will be back at Trym Valley Open Space THIS SUNDAY 24th Feb, from 11am-1pm, to tackle the perimeter of the area. There’s a lovely wildlife-friendly hedge that’s currently suffering from a lot of litter, and before this early spring starts to make it hard to retrieve, we’re going to get rid of as much of it as we can. Can you help? If so, we’re meeting at the Doncaster Road entrance again (roughly opposite The Ranch). All kit provided, just bring sturdy footwear and a smile! Hope to see you there.