The Team Behind The Keyhole!

By Resident Alison Prince.

I have just had the absolute pleasure of meeting many of your children while I was volunteering at St. Stephen’s Church ‘Christmas Through the Keyhole’ to share the real story of Christmas with pupils from Badock’s Wood, Fonthill, Little Mead, and Elmfield Schools.  It’s been freezing sat in the stable with Dawn, Jacqui, Mike, and eight-week-old Xander (the ‘bump’ from the famous Meadows to Meaders performance); we have all worked so hard this week and it has not been easy, but listening to the children’s laughter and seeing their faces when Mary is sat in the stable makes it so worthwhile.

I just felt the need to inform you how incredibly amazing, polite, and well behaved all the children that came were; it’s such a shame the media like to make people think otherwise!  You should all be very proud of them.  I know I am proud to volunteer with your children throughout the year – it really is a pleasure to do so!  And I’d also like to thank Tanya, our Rev, for making Christmas ‘Through the Keyhole’, as well as ‘Make Lunch’ and other events happen – we are really blessed to have her in Southmead.