Update from BS10 Parks & Planning Group

Charlton Rd, West Way and the new Arena.  Charlotte Hanna and Russell Nunn from YTL Developments both attended our January meeting. Charlotte gave a very comprehensive video presentation of their plans and aspirations for the new arena to be sited in the existing central Brabazon Hangar, together with a Festival Hall and Community Hub located in the two smaller side hangars.  Russell then explained their plans for the Charlton Rd/West Way application, emphasising that there will be no access to the new arena from Charlton Road.  Vehicles accessing the arena site will be able to use West Way, but only after crossing the ‘airfield’ from the North.

There will be two separate bus gate cameras installed, one before the junction with Charlton Road, which will allow Airbus and other regular users through to the Airbus site.  The other will be on the airfield side of the junction with a similar purpose.  As long as drivers enter and leave in the same direction no sanction will be triggered, but if they activate both North and South cameras then a fine will follow.   The operation of these cameras will be the responsibility of South Gloucestershire Council.  Russell then explained how sound proofing was measured and will be used in and around the Arena to minimise the impact on residents.

The Mead comment: In BS10 we are fortunate to this dedicated group of volunteers to keep a watch on all building and developments in our area.  They meet every month and nothing slips past them.  Huge thanks to Mike, Alan, and the gang for being our eyes and ears on all things land and bricks.  Everyone is welcome at the monthly meetings.  See the BS10 P&P tab for the last minutes and next meeting date.