Walk+Talk in Southmead with Allegr – Meet at Greenway Centre – 11am – Tuesday 6th September

We’re really excited to launch our community Walk+Talk programme in Southmead on Tuesday 6th September. The programme is free, for all abilities and runs alongside the walking and social groups which already meet at the Greenway Centre.

Our friendly team encourage you to come along and join in – nothing else is required!  We’ll meet at 11:00am at the Greenway Centre, every other Tuesday morning, from Tuesday 6th September, and go for an easy 30-40 minute walk together in the local area

We have been working with Lucille at the Southmead Development Trust’s Community Development Team to find the best day for and to spread the word about our new group.  We understand not everyone can make it to the Greenway Walking Group on Wednesdays and so this is a welcome addition to groups supported by the Trust at Greenway.

At Allegr we agree that the strongest connections are made when people come together, in person, to share activities like walking and find common ground through talking.  We want to extend the number of free activity groups in Southmead and encourage residents to join each other in a safe environment to socialise.

We know in Southmead that community spirit is already strong, yet loneliness and social isolation is often still an issue.  We found out about activities in Southmead during our fundraising and community events programme in 2021 when we met with the owners of Café Des Amis at the Greenway Centre – we immediately knew we wanted to invest in the good work going on here.

We’re really looking forward to meeting Southmead Residents and to be part of the range of activities which aim to build confidence, enjoy company and take gentle exercise in a safe, welcoming environment.  We were delighted to receive National Lottery Funding to support our new group, which is both a positive recognition for what we are doing and a significant help to get the programme up and running with financial support.

So do come along.  Bring friends – meet new people.  Walk, talk, or just listen.  We’re confident, you’ll feel better together!

When: Every other Tuesday at 11am, meet at the Greenway Centre.

Dates: 6th September, 20th September, 4th October, 18th October, 1st November, 15th November.

If you would like any more info, please don’t hesitate to contact us: Ben Burch, Co-Founder and Rachel Mitchell, Co-Founder.

Tel: 07779 323220

Email: rach@allegr.org

Website: www.allegr.org/walk-and-talk

The Allegr Foundation exists to create opportunities for human connection – through the provision, and support, of community events, where people can participate in healthy recreation for the benefit of their physical and mental health.  Walk+Talk is our inaugural Community campaign – a simple, safe and welcoming programme – which aims to help rebuild people’s confidence to get out and join in with some gentle activity and easy conversation. Accessible free walking groups, in the community, each week, led by walk leaders from the community.