Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

By Shirley Neville.

Our NHS service is in crisis and people are only too quick to complain about it. But our friend Wendy Jefferies, a resident at The Woodnook, knows only too well of the commitment the nursing staff give to their patients.

Two years ago Wendy was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia and the outcome didn’t look good. It was at an aggressive stage and a course of intensive Chemotherapy was her only hope of survival. She went on to have a stem cell transplant from her sister, a clinical trial, suffered GVHD, endless hospital stays, further chemo and treatment (too many to mention). To this day Wendy continues to receive necessary treatment and can attend the Bristol Oncology Centre up to four times a week as an outpatient. Throughout her ordeal Wendy wanted to do something positive so she decided to raise money to help others.

Wendy started by knitting woolly hats and sold them, followed by coffee mornings, running a Christmas stall and organising raffles. Wendy has raised £560 to date and her target is £1000. She is a volunteer at the BS10 bingo and also a volunteer at the recently launched Travelling Teapot.

This is Wendy’s way of giving something back to our wonderful NHS for all the care they have given her, and to say a big THANK YOU. We, her friends, would like to take this opportunity to say what an absolute inspiration Wendy is, you are a superstar!