Women’s Only Fitness

By Greenway Gym & Fitness.

Hi all, we are relaunching the Thursday 9:15am class for 2 reasons!

1. Greenway Fitnesss Instructor Paula will now be taking the class as Becky prepares for maternity leave.

2. We would like to add some clarity to what the class will consist of.

The class is for Women only- hence the name. It will be 30 mins Boxercise and 15 mins Pilates. The aim is to relieve stress, improve cardio fitness and core strength in a supportive and friendly environment.

Paula holds a Pilates qualification and is very experienced in that area of teaching. She also has a Boxercise qualification and many of you will know her from teaching high intensity class- Strong by Zumba and Pilates at Greenway on a weekly basis.


Please give this one a go.