A New Dorney for The Ranch!

We are absolutely over the moon to say that Will Dorney is our new Youth and Play Manager. What a privilege to have someone with so much experience of our community and The Ranch to lead our youth and play projects.

Welcome Will and over to you: “I’m really happy to be working at The Ranch, it’s a place very close to my heart. I was born and raised in Southmead and my Dad, Paddy Dorney, who some of you may know, has been heavily involved in Youth and Play services as a Youth Worker and Manager for over 25 years. He would always take me to The Ranch and Southmead Youth Centre and so I have been very familiar with the services from a young age.

“I have been in Youth and Play work for 7 years now, starting at The Ranch as a keen volunteer for Learning Partnership West, and then moving to all different areas around the City working in youth clubs, on the beat doing detached work, and engaging young people in 1:1 actvities.

“My last job was with Creative Youth Network (CYN) who also work in Southmead from the Greenway Centre, with their head office down in town at The Station; I’m hoping I can help to bring some more great partnership work between the Trust and CYN.

“In my personal time I am a keen DJ and have a monthly residency on 1020 Radio in Bristol. You can tune in online every 4th Saturday if you’d like to hear the music I like to share, or go to The Dorney Show if you’d like to listen to past shows – perhaps one day I’ll share my music selections at The Ranch!”
The pic above is me now with some of our great young people at The Ranch.
Below is me around 1999 sat outside Southmead Youth Centre!