A Winter Walk – Marion’s Memory Lane

Here we are into February already.  I think last year was nothing but rain, it was terrible, but there again I think we didn’t have the snow that some places had.

I do remember 1945 – I was 13 years old and we had the biggest snowfall this particular day.  Cars couldn’t move, and the buses were stopped because of ice on the roads.

But my Grandmother and I had to walk down to West Street in Old Market to pick up a funeral wreath.  It was for Harry Clack, a neighbour who had passed away, and as his funeral was the next morning we had to go.  It was the only florist around and they didn’t deliver.

Off we went from our house in Eastleigh Road, up Monks Park, down Muller Road, past Muller House, down Ashely Down Hill, and so on, until we got to the shop.  At least my Grandmother was pleased when she seen what they had done!

Then off we went again, taking the same route as before, and my Grandmother and I didn’t slip so that was a bonus!

I wonder how many 13-year olds would do it today?

When someone died in Southmead everyone put little black-edged envelopes in their front windows to share the news and pay their respects.  If anyone has a photo of Harry Clack please send it to ‘Memory Lane’ and we can remember him in The Mead.