New Writing Group in Southmead

Winter time and while we look forward to that first hint of spring, more daylight hours, daffodils, it’s good to remember those warm sunny days of last summer.

August for me holds special memory.  We took our own ‘Meaders’ play to perform on a street in Southmead.  I performed my very own poems and was so grateful for comments I received from audience members, who, I believe, recognised some small part of themselves in those words.

Creative writing has been such an influence on my life.  For those of you who, like me, have been around a while you will remember ‘Nev the Rev’, or, more respectfully, the Reverend Neville Boundy, Vicar of St Stephen’s, who was instrumental in establishing a writer’s group here in Southmead.  Incidentally, it was good to see Tanya, our present Vicar, as part of our ‘Meadows to Meaders’ cast.

Looking back to those times as a mother with five young children and a most basic education, the writer’s group opened a whole new world for me.

If you wrote that extra special message in that Christmas card, then you are a creative writer.