All Welcome at our Lung Health Support Group

I have suffered with a lung condition for about 16 years. At first they thought it was Asthma but after a few years of my breathing getting worse and worse I was diagnosed with COPD.  There was not much help in those days for people with lung conditions.  

The British Lung Foundation had a meeting at the Greenway Centre. It was a very interesting meeting and until then I didn’t know about the groups. I got talking to the speakers and decided to start a group here in Southmead, with their help. 

Nearly 15 years later and the group is still going strong. We are now known as Asthma and Lung Health UK after Asthma UK merged with the British Lung Foundation.  We are a friendly group who meet on the 2nd Monday of the Month from 2-4pm. Anyone who is affected by a lung condition is welcome, you can bring a friend or family member too, and refreshments are provided.  

If you would like to find out more, please leave a message for me at the Greenway Centre, tel: 0117 950 3335, and I will call you back.  Or email: