Help Keep Our River Trym for Spring!

We need your help! Last year, Peter Coleman-Smith wrote about sticklebacks being seen in the river Trym. He said a group of volunteers had been working to clean up the Trym and Hazel Brook rivers which pass through our communities, and they had already removed 200 tonnes of rubbish from the rivers and the surrounding parks. As a result, there are now fish in the Trym in Southmead!   

Six people are needed to help keep the Trym Valley Open Space clean. Trout in the Trym volunteers have been visiting the Trym Valley every month or so but they can’t do this for ever. There is a need to recruit local people to support and eventually take over this important task. 

The aim is to remove the litter from the valley promptly by having enough local people to look after a small area each.  To encourage people not to drop litter in the Trym valley, the volunteers would also keep clean the parts of Doncaster Road, Trowbridge Road and Shetland Road that lead up to the park. Working in pairs or small groups on a larger area would work too. 

Trout in the Trym have been awarded a grant by the Bristol Avon Catchment Partnership to buy the equipment needed to do this for the whole of the Trym and Hazel Brook.  Volunteers will have top quality litter pickers and hoops as well as a regular supply of green plastic sacks for the litter. The litter can then be left in the bag by a Council bin or if it is a small quantity can be put in their black bin. 

There are problems with fly tipping and sometimes rubbish will be dumped in the area. Trout in the Trym will be available to help with these problems if needed.  In time, by keeping it clean, the area will attract more wildlife and become a great place to visit, right in the heart of Southmead. 

If you can help, please email: