Submitting for Planning: Glencoyne Square Regeneration Update

We’re submitting for planning on 20th September 2019. This is a pivotal moment for the project, and is an incredible achievement for the community of Southmead.

The application will be available to view on – a great opportunity to leave a comment of support!

Updates to Glencoyne Square

It’s been almost two months since the Southmead Festival where we released the latest proposed plans for Glencoyne Square in virtual reality. This was the first big opportunity to see them and a milestone event for the project, the purpose of which was to gather more feedback and make some final adjustments to the overall appearance of the building. We received an overwhelmingly positive response and a few constructive comments for tweaks to be sent back; our architects have taken those on board and made some changes to the design in response.

Some of these changes include:

  • planters have been added around the building to soften it up and make it look more inviting
  • ground floor / commercial use windows have been changed to look more residential
  • experimentation with different colours
  • positioning of some balconies
If you have any thoughts or questions and would like to contact the Regeneration Team, please email Hannah at or call the Greenway Centre on 0117 950 3335