Hello Again to the BS10 Forum Meetings

Southmead and Henbury & Brentry have many of their own local community groups and organisations, but as detailed in Mike Murch’s news item, the BS10 Parks and Planning Group (covering both Wards and allowing a cross border discussion on issues affecting us all) has now sadly folded after thirteen years of great community service.

We firmly believe that there needs to be a forum in which residents and groups of both areas can come, discuss, and listen to what is happening. With that in mind we have re-launched the BS10 Neighbourhood Forum. 

The plan is to meet every two months and rotate meeting locations between the two Wards. Councillor Kye Dudd will Chair the Southmead meetings, and Councillor Mark Weston the Henbury and Brentry ones (although both will attend each one to discuss what is happening).

The meetings are open to all BS10 residents and community groups (youth, sport, religious, elderly – anyone).  We hope each meeting will offer the following: Councillors to update residents on what is happening locally and listen to concerns about current and upcoming issues; the Police to provide a crime update and again listen to local concerns; an update on any planning developments happening in the area – sometimes with developers bringing forward their ideas for the community to feedback on; Community Groups to share ideas and needs in the hope that by sharing information and best practices we can help the wider community; other agencies such as the Council’s Highways and Parks teams, or Bristol Waste Company, to come and provide feedback at key times.

So, if this sounds of interest then please come along, we hope to see you there.  We held our first meeting on Thursday 21st March, at the Greenway Centre in Southmead; if you would like details of what was discussed do contact me directly, email: cllr.kye.dudd@bristol.gov.uk or Councillor Mark Weston, email: mark@markweston.org.uk

Future meeting dates:

  • Thursday 16th May, 6:30 – 8pm, Henbury & Brentry Community Centre, BS10 7HG
  • Thursday 18th July, 6:30 – 8pm, Greenway Centre, BS10 5PY
  • Thursday 19th September, 6:30 – 8pm, Henbury & Brentry Community Centre, BS10 7HG
  • Thursday 21st November, 6:30 – 8pm, Greenway Centre, BS10 5PY
  • Thursday 16th January, 6:30 – 8pm, Henbury & Brentry Community Centre, BS10 7HG