Help Us Choose Homes For 20 New Street Trees In Southmead

We know that trees are important to our community. We’ve heard that the trees along Greystoke Avenue are a favourite feature of the neighbourhood. Planting trees is also a good way to take positive action for our planet. So, here at Southmead Development Trust we thought we’d add some more by funding 20 new street trees in Southmead.  

Street trees aren’t just lovely to look at. They give us lots of other benefits too. They provide wildlife with food and shelter, keep us cool when it gets hot, reduce flooding, and they absorb air pollution and carbon dioxide. And did you know they also have a positive impact on our mental health? Spending time amongst trees can lower stress, anxiety, and depression. Research suggests that if children can see trees in their daily lives, then they have early opportunities to connect with nature, and it supports their brain development and wellbeing. Trees are amazing!  

We’ll be planting the trees through Trees for Streets, a charity who have partnered with Bristol City Council to plant sponsored street trees across the city. The Council have chosen planting spots so that new trees don’t get in the way of infrastructure. They’ve also chosen the types of trees so they are the most suitable for each location.  

So, we need your help to choose the final 20 planting spots! On the map below with 25 possible spots to choose from. All you’ve got to do is let me know which ones you’d like to see trees in. You can tell me as many as you want. Leave me a message on the phone or email me with the numbers you’ve chosen. The map is also in the latest edition of The Mead and you can circle the numbers you want and return it to the Greenway Centre reception. There’s also a big map in the Greenway Centre reception where you can vote with a sticker. The most popular spots will get trees planted this coming winter. We’ve got until Sunday 29th October to choose so don’t hesitate!

Urban street trees face a tough environment and there’s always a risk that a young tree can get sick or damaged. The watering and care of the trees will be the Council’s responsibility for the first two years. However, street trees could always do with an extra helping hand if you’d like to give them a drink in the spring and summer. Trees for Streets give the top tip that you can use washing up water, bathwater, and rainwater to do this. Recycling water is a great way to save drinking water and money. The Council has a process for replacing trees if they are vandalised in the first two years so we will provide the details for how to report this if you see a tree struggling. Lots of community care for our community trees! 

There is an FAQ section on our website if you have any questions about the trees. But if you have any other questions do get in touch by calling 0117 950 3335 or emailing