Southmead Regeneration: Where Are We Now?

6 years ago work began on the community plan with an aim to Increase the likelihood of Southmead receiving financial investment, Support community groups and residents to work together and Influence decisions that will have an impact on Southmead.

Data was gathered by residents in the form of survey’s and questionnaires to determine what the needs for the area were and after 875 of them had been completed and analysed, the Southmead Survey was complete. The Southmead Survey was just part of the extensive community plan although invaluable in determining some of the key focuses for improvement in the area.

Using the information generated by the residents, Southmead Development Trust have started making the changes needed a reality by securing funding to move forward with the first steps towards regeneration.

With positive change on the horizon, it is important that all the changes made are for the good of the community, therefore SDT have been involved in an extensive period of community consultation. So far we have been listening to ideas at Southmead Festival, taking a street stall around Southmead, meeting local business owners and holding weekly feedback sessions with many other events yet to come.

If you are interested in getting involved and having your say, visit the Southmead Regeneration website to find out about key dates and information or if you are more of a face to face kind of person you can come and speak to us!

Every Thursday we will be at SCART shop between 10am and 12pm and The Greenway Centre 4-6pm.

Looking forward to hearing from you!