The Best Southmead Sunflower Competition

April is the time to sow your sunflower seeds!  Can you grow the Best Southmead Sunflower?

In partnership with Sustainable Southmead we’re on a mission to brighten up our gardens and welcome the summer time in to our community (without leaving home!).

Let’s make Southmead the sunfloweryist, sunniest place to be – it’ll be bloomin’ great.  Grow them in a garden or in a pot, anywhere you can.

If you haven’t got seeds you mind find a neighbour who can give you some – ask on The Mead Facebook page.  And also ask for tips – there’s loads of talented gardeners in our community (there’s seeds for sale online too).

When your beauties are grown, and are at their brightest, just take a snap and send it to us. We’ll make a virtual gallery to showcase Southmead in Sunflower!

The Best Southmead Sunflower, as judged by an expert panel, will win a prize!

attach your snaps to an email and send to: (please include your full name, address, and telephone number)