We Invite you to our Open Day Event on Tuesday 19th September at the Ardagh

Family Food Action is a charity which provides community support for families and children in food poverty.  We’d like to welcome you all to our Open Day event on 19th September so we can share with you how FFA and our partners work together.

In Autumn last year, we added Southmead Children’s Centre to our list of partners, and we provide food and toiletries each week for the food club there.

The other partners are also in North Bristol – The Vench Lockleaze, Felix Road Adventure Playground Easton, St Paul’s Children’s Centre, and May Park Primary School Eastville.

FFA are also supporting two Southmead schools with a grant to run breakfast clubs next term.

How FFA began

During the first national lockdown, groups of neighbours started supporting the vital work done by the local organisations through donating food and essential supplies including toiletries.

A number of streets in the Bishopston, Clifton, Cotham, Redland, and St Andrew’s area now collect donations which are then taken to the sorting hub at the Ardagh, Horfield Common.

A team of FFA volunteers receives the donations from street collections and from other supporters such as Bristol Brunel Lions Club and the Ardagh Gardening group.

The donations are allocated and then taken to the community partners, The Vench, St Paul’s and Southmead Children’s Centre, Felix Road Adventure Playground and May Park Primary School, for onward distribution to local families.

The direct contact that these organisations have with families in their communities ensures that food gets to those who need it most and also supports community connections.

Each week, the partner organisations also receive bulk deliveries of fruit, vegetables, and dairy goods, paid for by FFA donors.

There are over 75 volunteers supporting the organisation which became a charity in 2022. Each week on Tuesday morning, the sorting hub is set up at the Ardagh and all morning bags of goods are delivered by the street collectors and by individual donors.

Just after midday, the team of drivers collect the donations and drive them to our partners who then use them to provide meals for children at activity sessions or for families in their food clubs.

On the first Tuesday of each month, there is a Drop-In session between 10.30 and 11.30am for anybody who would like to know more about the organisation and how they can get involved.

For more information go to familyfoodaction.org.uk or follow us on Facebook.